10 examples of cheesy vintage ad innuendo

Well, hello there.

I suppose you’ve come to see some smut. Well, you’re in luck—smut is my middle name.*

If you remember my Halloween post, you’ll know I had a blast collecting examples of accidentally horrific ad copy. I thought I’d do a Valentine’s Day version, expecting it to be just as tricky to find funny examples.

I was wrong.

1. Blow in her face

Yeah, that’s right. Blow secondhand smoke into a woman’s face and she’ll be on you like a randy badger. Or not.


2. Have more fun in bed

Psyche! It’s a bed lamp radio. Get your mind out of the gutter.


3. Sabrina shows you what she’s got

…her colour slide projector, obvs.


4. “Easy to digest”

Okay, so this isn’t intentional innuendo, but damn it’s disgusting. Phallic and disgusting.


5. Easy erections

You’ve gotta love an ad that features the copy “Erector gives you most of everything”.


6. …more bananas

Dude. I can’t even.


7. For when you need more ‘come on’

Success depends on Miracle Whip, you guys.


8. Go interface, beautifully


9. Make a date with skinless weiners

I couldn’t resist another ad for skinless weiners. It’s too funny.


10. Debating the size of satisfaction

I did well to only include two vintage cigarette ads. They were all pervy. All of them.


Which is your favourite cheesy vintage innuendo ad? Got any you think merit a shout out? Comment below!



*That’s a lie. My middle name is Jane.

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