About me


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Who is “Emma Cownley”?

Why should you care?

That last question is the real humdinger.
As a copywriter, it’s one I ask myself with each new piece of content I craft. Who am I writing for today and why should they care?

I’m not a fan of shouting sales messages in peoples’ faces.
I don’t believe in churning out marketing clichés.
I also don’t think that results-driven copy has to be stiff, boring or purely functional.

I use my background in creative writing to create copy that comes from a place of originality. I bring in classical structures, techniques and critical analysis to create personalities for brands and to tell brand stories that customers actually care about.

So to answer your question—I am a London-based freelance brand voice specialist and blogger, ready to help you with your next project, campaign or task.

I have a Degree in English Literature, a Masters in Creative and Professional Writing, seven years of industry experience and a wicked sense of humour.

Get in touch and tell me how I can help you.
@EJCownley / LinkedIn