Brands that totally nailed it: Lush

Welcome to the second instalment of Brands that totally nailed it. This week I’m cracking open my diary and revealing who my crush of the month is.

Spoiler alert—it’s Lush.

These guys have had me locked into extreme brand loyalty since I was thirteen years old. My Mum shopped there, I shop there, my children will shop there and my grandchildren will also shop there.

When I say I have a brand crush, I’m not messing about. Here’s all that’s to love about the brand Lush…

Lush: who dat?

The best way to describe Lush to those that aren’t familiar with it: “that kooky soap shop with the overpowering stench”.

They cook up handmade cosmetics which are:

They reinforce each of these unique selling points within their brand in such a thorough way that you can’t help but feel smug and righteous when you buy from them, and at the end of the day, isn’t that how we all want to feel?

Allow me to explain…

Dissecting the brand

Lush leverage all of those lovely bullet-pointed benefits at every possible opportunity, like a smart brand should. Everything they do is in-line with those values and their customers are buying values.


Creating a product experience

They use their in-store merchandising and website layout to showcase their products in action—because that’s how they really shine. You see conditioners and creams being slathered thickly onto skin in all their glossy glory. Bath bombs fizzing vibrantly as they crumble into hot, bubbly water. Fingers plunging into a tub of soft clay face mask.

Sensory product copy

As if witnessing the tactile nature of the products isn’t enough, you also get immersed in them through deliciously sensory copy. Take this for example:

They want you to understand the experience the product will give you through sensory techniques, like texture, smell and with emotional cues. They also use brilliant technical devices like alliteration and personification.


Live and die by your (brand) values

Lush products are handmade with the care and attention of a human. They have packaging stickers which show you who made your product and when. If you order online, you’ll even get a sticker to show you who gathered and packed your order and who checked it. You get to SEE who they are. Imagine the wonders it does for the customer as well as the employee.

The handmade doesn’t end there. To champion this, and the ethical buying aspect in a double whammy, the site also features snippets of info on the various botanicals, butters and oils they use in their products. You can see where it came from, why it’s good.

Know what this is really saying? “There’s no shit in this product”. It has ten ingredients and if you don’t know what they are, you can click on them and see with your own eyeballs. In this day and age, that kind of transparency is rare and very much appreciated (especially in the cosmetics industry).


Content marketing masters

As a copywriter, I also have to admire the content marketing skills these guys put out. Their site is a treasure trove of relevant content around natural ingredients, product usage, personal stories from the small farms they buy from, news from within the cosmetic industry. The list goes on. They don’t just shove it all on a blog, either. They scatter it throughout the site in all the most relevant places. Noice.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they were Jesus in the second coming. But that might be getting a bit too ‘Beatles’.

To be honest, I could go on, but you’d choose to defriend me if I did. If you have a favourite brand, drop a comment in the box below and let me know who. If you have a favourite Lush product, I’ll also encourage you to share up (Ro’s Argan 4lyfe).

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