Brands that totally nailed it: Pact

I don’t want to wait for you to get your hands on my list of crushes. That’d be too embarrassing. Instead, I’m going to own my feelings and write a post each month to publicly pash-out on brands that get my creative juices bubbling up.

This month’s brand crush is steaming hot, dark, intense and good-hearted.

It’s Pact coffee, of course!

Pact: who dat?

Pact are a coffee delivery service. They source beans directly from farmers, roast them in their Bermondsey HQ and post them off to you and I. Sounds pretty standard, but oh no. It’s not…


Dissecting the brand

This is the part where we cut open Pact and pull its insides out so I can show you how each and every piece of their brand is brilliant. Shall we?


The whole package

Let’s get into Pact’s packaging first, shall we? When you’re a mail order coffee company, you gotta deliver the goods as well as delivering the goods, you get me? Good job these guys have it down. Along with your coffee (which comes in a letterbox-friendly envelope to avoid annoying postman-related fuckery), you get a gorgeously thick, tactile card smothered in tasting notes from their head coffee taster, Will. It’s minimalist, yet informative. Thorough yet unfussy. Love!


Creating a relatable, sensory experience

If you’ve been following this blogging series, you might have realised that I’m crazy for brands that use copy to create a sensory experience. It’s been proven that when consumers are out and about in the shops, those that physically experience a product are far more likely to convert. But online? Tougher sell. That’s where sensory copy really comes into its own.

Of course, you aren’t going to get a bag of apple and cherry coffee, that would be both disgusting and ridiculous. Instead, you’re given relatable tasting notes that give a colourful, inventive flavour profile based on the roast, acidity and sweetness of the coffee. Very bloody clever.


Serving up a steaming cup of values

Millennial consumers have a penchant for buying values as well as products. I (apparently) am no different. Pact works hard to ensure that the farmers they source from not only get a good price and a fair deal, but that they get the exposure and credit owed to them.

…I know. So good it makes you sick, right?


Information overload (which is good)

In my experience, few coffee companies know their customers like Pact do. These chaps understand that the coffee lovers who shop with them are all about the bean. They want to hear about the tasting notes, the harvesting process, the roasting process. The whole shebang. I mean, let’s face it—if you’re happy with a bog standard mug of Joe, you’re going to head to the local Tescos and pick up the first jar you see.


That’s not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their products. You can see the full Monty here.

On top of this, their blog (The Perc) is rife with everything a coffee-nerd could want to read about: behind the scenes at Pact, brew guides, and recipes featuring coffee. If you’re looking for great examples of hyper-relevant, diverse content, they gots it.


So what do you think? Does Pact do it for you? Stay a while and share you favourite brand in the comments box below.


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