Machine learning needs quality content to evolve

The machines are taking over.


Well, they’re muscling in on the search engine scene via Google and causing big waves in the land of content. Everyone bangs on about how ‘quality content’ is the only way to improve your search engine rankings, but now it seems that it could be more crucial than we first thought.


A recent article by Eric Enge at Search Engine Land has thrown some interesting ideas into the mix about the role content plays in the growth of machine learning. Natural language is a huge part of good quality content—we’re increasingly seeing the likes of Google rewarding content creators that use longtail keywords and searchable, colloquial phrases.


Their ongoing work with machine learning and understanding language makes this even more crucial. Their main aim is to improve user satisfaction with quality search results, which means they need to get smarter at interpreting what people are asking them for each time they search. We’re talking granular interpretations including intricacies like localised slang. Bananas, right?


So what does that mean? The need for more sophisticated content will only increase in the future. If search engine giants like Google are going to facilitate the development of machine learning, then we’ll have to change our approach to website content dramatically if we’re going to stand a chance at ranking well. The need for local content experts and regular site testing are a must. Soz.


If you thought the days of keyword stuffed, blocky SEO content were on the way out, you can pat yourself on the back and feel smug because it looks like you’re right.

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