What does your ‘about us’ page REALLY say about you?

Your ‘about us’ page is like speed dating. You have mere minutes to seduce your way into a life-long connection (or at the very least, a one night stand). Before you know it, time is up and your customer is moving off to someone else. Will they call? Will they come back? Did you have spinach in your teeth? All valid questions and all valid reasons to get it right.

Your company ‘about us’ page is somewhere people visit when they want to get the measure of you. It can be tempting to get the thing written, post it up and forget about it. We’re talking about much more than the words you’ve plonked on the page; think about format, information you need to include and how you come across. An ugly lump of text is going to be unreadable. Overly indulgent copy that gushes about why you’re brilliant is going to be off-putting and unhelpful.

What you really need is a well-thought out, even spread of information that covers all the bases. Be helpful. Be informative. Give them everything they need to see if you’re the right fit for them and do it in a concise way that’s uniquely ‘you’.

Here’s what you should be aiming to hit…


Your origin story
Whoa, nelly! We’re not talking about harking back to when mummy met daddy. Instead let’s keep things brief yet personal. Tell your customers how your business started out and where the idea came from. Use names, use dates and take the time to explain how you came to be where you are today. A bit of backstory helps customers assess how successful you’ve been, why you’re qualified to do what you do, and eliminates some of that natural suspicion we all have around unfamiliar companies.


What you believe in
Customers like to feel a connection with the businesses they choose to shop with. Typically, they’ll pick a portfolio of companies that fit with their life ethos and the image they want to create for themselves. Unless you’re terribly misguided and jumbled, you’ll have a goal in mind for your business and a mission statement to shout from the roof tops. This is the place to yell it.


How you’re different
It’s hard to hear that you’re not a unique snowflake, but there you have it. There are loads of people that do something similar to you, so use your ‘about us’ page to tell customers what makes you different. Why should they choose you? It’s important to keep this section brief—think bulletpoints and one sentence explanations. Let’s not blow our own trumpets here.


Deliver the facts
An ‘about us’ page is the first stop for anyone looking to get an accurate description of your business for wider representation—I visit a lot of them when I need to fact check the correct way to write the company name and how they specifically refer to themselves. Are you a ‘boutique’, a ‘destination’, an ‘agency’? Nail it down on your page.


Like all good branding copy, your ‘about us’ page is one you’ll want to ace if you’re going to get off on the right foot. Not your cup of tea? Not a problem. Try my branding package and let me do it all for you. Bosh.

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