Why authentic local content is a MUST for small businesses

I recently attended a networking event in Ealing that left me feeling confused. Everyone in the room seemed obsessed with referring one another, incestuously passing customers and contacts around their little pool of businesses like the internet had never been invented.


I was boggled. This approach seemed antiquated, limiting and really bloody old skool.


It wasn’t until I read Moz’s recent article about authentic local content that I started to understand why they relied so heavily on referrals.


Small local businesses are in a bit of a bind when it comes to online marketing. They know you aren’t anyone nowadays unless you’re searchable online. “Content without topic knowledge is generic; content without storytelling chops is ineffective. Herein lies the problem for local: How do you plan quality, shareable articles, videos, and digital media with a local focus at a national scale?”


These business owners aren’t writers or content marketers. How in heck are they supposed to achieve the organic reach they need to make a difference when they don’t have access to good quality content? Forking out cash for a content agency is out of the question–it’s expensive and is likely to be ineffective. Why? Moz came to the same conclusion as American writer, Mark Twain—you can only truly write well when you write what you know.


“The Woodward and Bernstein-style newsroom may soon be old fashioned, but we’re also in an age that appreciates authentic, quality storytelling, and local branches often don’t have the personnel or resources to develop local content. Neighborhood know-how can’t be fudged, so why not partner people who can tell your brand’s story with a local accent?”


Moz’s solution is so obvious it hurts: working with a writer from the area. Local news publications, bloggers and writers are crucial to these businesses because these are the people with the skills and the knowledge to get them the online findability they desire.


As well as finally getting the perfect blend of quality storytelling and local knowledge for their own sites, these small businesses can also enjoy the amplification that comes with being featured on someone else’s site or in print. Suddenly the exposure has doubled. Boom!


If you’re a business in the West London area, why not drop me a line and solve your searchability problem once and for all? I’d be happy to help.

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