Best copywriting blogs: sites you need to bookmark (like, now)

You don't have to be a pen monkey to cruise the net for copywriting blogs. In fact, the majority of people who ask me to recommend writing blogs aren't. They needs them some fast writing tips and they needs 'em naaaaah.

Because not everyone has the coin for an in-house writer, and having a couple of best practice sites on hand can really help you puzzle your own shit out.

So here it is. My list of super-handy, wicked badass copywriting websites, collated for your pleasure.

Get stuck in.

As if Copyblogger wasn't going to be the first entry on this listicle! Anyone who's ever Googled 'copywriting blogs' will have stumbled across the Copyblogger site and that's because it's badass beyond belief. Geared towards both copywriters and marketers, Copyblogger dishes out useful and engaging info about writing for web, print and email so you can easily brush up on best practice. If their blog posts leave you wanting more, you can sign up for a subscription and get into webinars, downloadable guides and all sorts of good stuff.


Grammarly blog
I won't lie, when Grammarly first came out, the ads were all up in my face and I quickly became annoyed with the whole thing. It felt lazy, it felt pushy and it felt like my toes were being stepped on. My feelings on the app aside, the Grammarly blog is a treasure trove of all the things you slyly Google because you knowyou should know it, but you don't. Things like how to sign off a letter correctly, what P.S means, and how to write in active voice.


Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips
Speaking of fast and loose grammar tips, if you ever find yourself caught in a tight spot and need answers fast, you can always depend on Grammar Girl (A.K.A Mignon Fogarty). Her blog is laden with technical English language basics that you remember learning in school but have completely forgotten. If you're not so hot on your grammar and punctation, pop a bookmark on her site and nip over when you have Q's that need A's.


Content Marketing Institute
The internet is filled with blog posts which are very up their own ass about content marketing (hopefully mine is not one of those). If you want real facts, statistics and studies on the matter, the only place to go to is the Content Marketing Institute.


Creative Revolt
Getting a freelance business off the ground is no mean feat. Especially if you work a full-time job and are trying to transition by cramming freelance gigs into every available timeslot. When I was getting started, I stumbled upon Jorden Makelle. This chick built her business up from nothing after being fired from a soul-sucking office job. Probably because she was too badass. Her tips and strategies are invaluable to anyone starting out as a freelance writer, so if you like earning money (without resorting to hideous content bidding sites), head on over and sign up.

Emma Cownley