"Skinless wieners" and other horrifying copywriting fails

copywriting fails - halloween

It's Halloween tomorrow and, as a staunch goth, I feel it's my duty to dedicate an entire post to it.

Today we're digging out examples of horrifying copywriting fails; from job adverts that encourage happy shitting to the joyful promotion of all things skinless. Let's get horrific.


1. When you're trying to sell a bedroom set but end up selling low self-esteem and a quick shag...

one night stand

2. A condiment made from the liquidised remains of male children...

boy syrup

 3. Two sisters that want to clean you inside and out...

cleaning company copy

4. Durex choose to promote themselves by leveraging the deep-seated horror of accidental pregnancy

durex advert

 5. Everything about this ad is horrific. Just everything.

skinless wieners

  6. McDonald's go supersized with an ad asking for smiling faces to shit on...

mcdonalds advert

7. The horror of infant obesity is realised in this vintage Coca-Cola ad...

coca cola advert


8. This ad for funeral services has a horrifying hidden agenda...

funeral advert
Emma Cownley