Early 00’s slang we need to bring back

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Aight, everyone. Put down your BlackBerry and crank that *NSYNC track to the max. 

I'm about to take you back to the early 2000s to reminisce about all the wack shit we used to spout in the vague hope we might come off as cool (or 'poppin', as they say).

Let's go back to the noughties...


1. Take a chill pill

If your homegirl is going postal, and shit most certainly isn't 'dope', you might want to ask that she 'take a chill pill'.

This ridiculously annoying piece of slang has mixed origins. Some say it's a reference to a pill from the 1800s, used to reduce fever. Others think it might be a reference to ADHD medication from the 80s. Either way, it didn't stand the test of time.

Holy shit! Take a chill pill, Sarah. Gary didn't see you puking.


2. Biatch

Pronounced 'bee-yach', this piece of slang is a creative reimagining of the word 'bitch'. It is usually spoken from one female peer to another as friendly banter. The delivery could also be amped up for situations when a sassy put-down is required.

Hey biatch! You coming over to watch Lizzie McGuire later?


3. Noob

A noob (often written in l33t speak as 'n00b') is the shortened version of the word 'newbie'. The term gained popularity in internet forums, chat rooms and via online gaming. It is the language of the 2000s onliner. It is a belittling insult reserved for newcomers.

This is an advanced game, bro. Who invited the noob?


4. Wasssup?!

This popular greeting started as a Budweiser ad and became the standard phone-answering greeting for any young teen in the 2000s. This single word is an impressive amalgamation of the phrase 'what is up'.

[Phone rings. Sarah answers.]





5. Scrub

A scrub is a guy who thinks he's fly. He's also known as a 'buster'. Girls generally don't want them.

A scrub is a guy that can't get no love from me.


6. Talk to the hand

This is a partial fragment of a very colourful and humorous phrase used by noughties kids to alert someone to the fact that they aren't listening/don't care: 'talk to the hand 'cuz the face ain't listening'.

It also comes with it's own gesture...

The phrase hit the mainstream in the mid 90s thanks to comedian, Martin Lawrence, and gained in popularity from there.

Gary:Sarah, what are you doing? You know you can't eat dairy!

Sarah:Talk to the hand, bitch.


7. That's what she said

This is a nu-skool version of the phrase 'said the actress to the bishop'. To use it correctly, you should put it at the end of any statement which has the potential to sound dirty. For example...

Gary: I can't find the sausages.

Sarah: That's what she said.


8. Emo

Back in the noughites, the emos were the subculture everyone loved to hate. The name is a shortened variation of the word 'emotional', as this particular social subset was predisposed to sadness and rage. Emos were easily identifiable by their facial piercings, black eyeliner and heavy, side-swept fringe.


Do you have any favourite noughties slang that you think should have made the list? Share it below!

Emma Cownley