Tattoo fails: the proofreading edition

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 16.43.14.png

I won't lie. As a tattooed person, writing this post gave me some serious anxiety. I know what it is to go through the pain of a tattoo and to trust someone else to carry out your artistic vision.

If it goes wrong, there's no going back.

So think of this as less of a 'point-and-laugh' schadenfreude exercise and more of a cautionary tale.

Before you ink it, check it.

Here are some of my favourite examples of times a little proofreading would have gone a long way...

1. It's now or never, bro

I had to kick this off with my favourite of the bunch. This 'Jon Bovi' tattoo inspired the whole post. Thanks, Jon Bovi :)

2. The double negative

I can't not spy a double negative when I don't never see one.

Never done give up

3. Stickin' it to the man

When you rebel against the system so hard, you even refuse to spell it correctly.

fuck the systsem

4. This guy knows his worth

There's no harm in owning your success and loving yourself, bro. And hey, who needs that extra 'E'?


5. Celebrate number one

I don't know about you, but I sure as hell love a pee.

sweet pee

6. A bad dicision

There's a lot to unpack here. I feel so terrible for this woman.

bad dicision

7. Settle, pettle

If at first you don't succeed, cross it out and try again.


8. Words to live by

Such dark, heavy font in such a prominent place. I sure as hell hope these are words to live by!

what didnt killed me

9. There's a reason no one else has this on their knuckles... don't fit, bro.

your next

10. Go 'exreme' or go home

Another person who's too cool for that extra letter. Who fuckin' needs it, eh?

Emma Cownley