Ritual to resurrect evergreen content

Repurpose blog content

What if you could bring old blog content back from the dead? Like, resurrect it and make it more powerful than ever before?

Don't freak out. I'm not talking about necromancy here, just a little blog content repurposing. Although it is relatively similar to necromancy. A bit.

Reasons to resurrect evergreen content

  • New posts = ball ache

Writing a blog can be total ball ache sometimes. Coming up with original ideas, writing those ideas, optimising them, posting them, promoting them. I'm tired just thinking about it.

  • Retarget your readership

The readership you have now isn't the same as the one you had 6 months ago, or even a year ago, for that matter. Makes sense to bring your best bits back out and tweak them for your new crew.

  • Pimp new keywords

Like readers, relevance and David Bowie, your keywords have to go through changes. Just think about all the extra SEO clout you could be loading into those old posts! Retarget those suckers.


Ritual to repurpose blog content

Now that you're (hopefully) converted to the idea of repurposing your old content, we can get into how it's actually done.

Step 1: Dig up your best evergreen content

Unfortunately, this isn't going to be an exercise in styling out the posts you like best. There's gotta be some strategy here. You can start by trawling through your analytics to see which posts ranked best. Out of those, choose the pieces which are 'evergreen' — that is to say, always relevant and not hooked into a current trend or news event. Like this post, for example (which has been repurposed).

Step 2: Dismember the format

Right, so now you've got a handful of top-performing posts. It’s time to tie them to the alter of content marketing and start slicing…so to speak.

Perhaps you can cut up the format and turn them into listicles, infographics, videos or find an industry expert and turn it into an interview? Might be that your post is still brilliant just the way it is. Perhaps you only want to bring the keywords, image and facts up to date, so it just works a little harder for you. It's your call, baby.


Step 3: Invoke keyword research

The final step is to research the new keywords connected to the theme of your post and any you'd like to target. Once you're loaded up, you can revisit the content and the metadata on your post to revitalise its searchability. Bosh!


Are you ready? Great. Plunge into your analytics and get it done! I look forward to seeing your regurgitated content splatter all over my social media timeline.

Emma Cownley